A djed oszlop működése

A dzsed (djed) az örökkévalóságot jelölő óegyiptomi fogalom, szó szerinti jelentése „tartósnak lenni”. A (djed) az egyik legősibb egyiptomi jelkép.

What is the condenser oscillation?

This is an oscillating condenser discharge when the circuit generates a sinusoidal signal at discharge. This requires a special semiconductor.( This is a moray detector. )

This special semiconductor operation can be seen in the following picture.

The air around us behaves like a capacitor and oscillates at a frequency. This increases the vibration amplitude.

What is a special semiconductor? Its a know-how.
The semiconductor voltage field effect diode with two terminals.
Some working applications are shown on the optokapcsolo.hu page.

… The working Egyptian djed pillar video follows ...